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Meet Juicy Graphics

After 2 years of working together in a sublime way, 12Wrap decided it was time to give a young and ambitious new company a chance to step up and make a name for itself.

With Patrick handing over the roll of wrap foil to Sven we can proudly announce that “Juicy Graphics” is the new livery partner for the 6th edition of the RevRun. We are confident that Juicy Graphics will deliver the same quality and coöporation as 12Wrap did.

We like to take the opportunity to thank 12Wrap for the past 2 years. But all this doesn’t mean they are completely gone. Patrick and his team have such a good time with us that they will keep helping us out.

Of course Juicy Graphics can be followed on Instagram under the name; JuicyGraphics_Official and on Facebook as Juicy Graphics.

If interested in the services of Juicy Graphics, sending an email is possible to the following address:

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