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The RevRun Edition 6 started in Maastricht (NL) where a lot of teams already gathered at the Hotel on Thursday evening for the "pre-party" and for the last sticker liveries. 


The official start was on Friday morning. All the 100 cars gathered at the Select Hotel Apple Parc for the Grand Start.


With the starting sign given all cars left Maastricht and headed towards Germany for some kilometers on the famous German Autobahn. The first stop was a lunch at the Koblenzer Beer Brewery. After lunch the route continued along the river Rhine towards the old city of Heidelberg. On Friday it was a very busy day and the weather didn’t help either, but all teams had a lot of fun on the route. 


The first night we stayed in the Heidelberg Marriott Hotel where all participants were welcomed by our crew and had the opportunity to take some time for relaxation. There was a dinner buffet for all participants and an open bar for multiple hours. The first evening was the “theme night” where most of the teams suited up for their theme. We had a lot of fun with all the costumes.


After some good hours of sleep all participants headed for the breakfast in the hotel before taking off again. On Saturday morning we drove out of Heidelberg and hit the Autobahn again for a short period to get some fast kilometers. 


After we reached the edge of the famous “Schwartzwalder” area we went of the main roads and headed for the mountains. With a lot of twists and turns we all arrived at the lunch location near Baden-Baden. The lunch was at the bottom of a ski slope and also had a bobsled course. We all enjoyed some fries with traditional German sausages like currywurst and Bratwurst.



Leaving the lunch location, we had some more hours of awesome mountain roads ahead before arriving at our second hotel in Luxembourg. We also crossed France for a short period of time towards Luxembourg. In Luxembourg we slept in the beautiful Légère Hotel, a brand-new hotel fitted with all luxuries needed. We had a wonderful dinner at the hotel before getting ready for the big party night. 


At 10.30 PM touring busses arrived at the hotel to pick us up and bring us towards Club Metropolis Trier. Some of our sponsors had their cars displayed in front of the club when all participants arrived with the busses. After checking in at the club we invited all participants in our exclusive VIP area upstairs in the club where we had our own bar and club staff. And boy was it a party! Everybody was dancing, ordering bottles and having fun with the last people not leaving the club until 4.30 AM. 


As the big party finished early in the morning we wanted to give all the participants the opportunity for some extra hours of sleep and started a bit later. With a shorter but epic route for the Sunday drive we headed off towards the world famous Nürburgring where this edition of The RevRun would finish. 


All participants arrived at the Nürburgring boulevard where we had our last lunch which was a big schnitzel buffet at the Lindner Hotel. And with that last meal we finished last year’s edition of The RevRun in style. Some participants took the opportunity to hit the famous Nordschleife to do some tourist laps on this brilliant and thrilling track.

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